Thursday, February 21, 2019

What is Portable toilet? or What is Portaloo? Explaining Prefabricated Structures......

Here I am going to explain you the term Porta Loo, Portable Toilet
Which means a Prefabricated Structures containing a toilet which can include a W.C. a Urinal a Washbasin or multiple of them.

Today's Offers

These are totaly mobile toilet can be used any where and can be relocated. Many Construction companies use them on there construction sites.

These toilets can be made from single cabin to public utilities as per requirement it may be a festival, carnival, social gathering or a area of slum where no sewage service is available.

Chemical toilets.

These toilets collects human wastes in a holding tank underneath and chemicals are used to reduce odor. These chemicals can either be used to mask the odor or contain biocides in it, which prevent odors from multiplying bacteria, which makes smell less. Chemical toilets are used in aircraft though many of these are now vacuum toilets simple and great technology.

Composting toilet

These are the toilets that manges the human wastes through a biological process called composting. This process leads to decomposition of organic matter and transforms it into compost. It is controlled by microorganisms mainly bacteria and fungi under controlled aerobic conditions. Most manure toilets do not use water for flushing and therefore are "dry toilets". Manyof these toilet use, carbon additives such as sawdust, coconut coir, or peat moss after each use. This creates air pockets in waste to promote aerobic decomposition. 

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Sampan Portacabins


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